Emily Maynard won us over on the Bachelorette from her beautiful child, gorgeous face, impeccable style and big heart.  We all wanted her to find love again - especially after the tragic loss of her first husband. Fast forward to today and she has now proven that happily ever after does exist! Maynard married Tyler Johnson in a surprise wedding only a month ago. Still America's sweetheart, she has been photographed over the past year since her time on the Bachelorette.  It wasn't until she was photographed in a coral and blue aztec cardigan however, that women every where were trying to hunt down her exact sweater.  emilymaynard

So, we tracked it down and have found you an exact match here. Here are some pics of the beautiful Lety in our exact "Emily Maynard" Aztec Cardigan. The lighting makes the cardigan look a little pinker, but in actuality the cardigan is a coral color.


 BeFunky_IMG_7613.jpg_grande   IMG_7617_grande  

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